Paper Tree

Grow your business organically & automate your paperwork!

Paper Tree helps photographers, artists and entertainers save time by keeping tabs on events, deposits, and contracts.

It'll automagically set gentle reminders and create custom emails to build solid client relationships and keep annual events from slipping through the cracks.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps you keep track of you clients and leads. Paper Tree gives you a powerful CRM on your phone!

Don't Let Good Clients Get Lost

So many times we get so busy that we let email from prospects slip away. Or we forget all about that great client's event from last year. Paper tree automatically sets reminders so you'll never let clients get lost in the shuffle.

Save Time With Autofilled Templates

As a creative, you have better things to do than spend half your day typing redundant emails. Paper Tree comes with several template emails that autofill with the event details.

Know Who Owes You What

We don't have billing departments to keep after overdue clients. Paper Tree simplifies billing by letting you see in one screen how much is due for each event. Plus, you can easily dig down into the details and see when you were paid.

Demo of Paper Tree

Watch our video going through the basic steps to enter an event, set various settings, and create deposits.

Paper Tree: Event Trip Logging

We've taking trip mileage tracking to a smart level. Set your address with dictation. Then log your start mileage. When you get back from your event, Paper Tree will remind you to log your end mileage by magic (well, we really use GPS, but it feels like magic).

Power Tips

View Past Events

In order to keep your "Upcoming Events" list uncluttered, Paper Tree will automatically move old events into the "Past Events" screen.

To toggle between Upcoming and Past events, simply tap the "Upcoming Events" title and it toggles to "Past Events."

Change an Event Name

In the Event Details screen, if you tap and hold on the event's name, a new window will appear to let you change the event's name.

Doing the same on the date allows you to change and event's date, should the client ever move your event.

Edit an Event's Time

Sometimes a client changes the event's time. Sometimes you might just realize you tapped the wrong time yourself.

You can easily change the time by going to the event's time screen and then tap and hold. A new window will appear, allowing the change.

Edge Swipe Navigation

On many of the screens (like the Event Detail screen), you can easily go back to the previous screen by swiping from the left edge of the phone to the right. This will basically "pull" the current screen off and to the right.

Import Contacts

Import a contact for an event directly into Paper Tree from your phone's address book.

Simply tap "Import from Contacts (+)" under the client tab for the event and you'll have access to your full database.